Date danmark Billund

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Date danmark Billund
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Thrill-seeking daredevils should try the free fall of the Polar X-plorer.

Meet the penguins in Penguin Bay or experience sharks swimming over you in Atlantis by SEA LIFE™.

End your day on the LEGOTOP® for a bird's eye view of LEGOLAND.

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In 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen, who later founded Lego, bought a Billund furniture company that was founded in 1895.

He invested in the town, creating a new dairy and the Skjoldbjerg church a few miles south of town.

In 1895, the mill burned to the ground but was rebuilt in 1897, this time in the style of Dutch windmills.

That same year, a railway was built from Vejle to Billund, and the route was later extended to Grindsted in 1914.

The waterpark also offers wellness experiences and relaxation for both children and adults.

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