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Dating denmark Fredensborg
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There are fantastic waterways and cascades that were rebuilt according to the original plans from the 1720's (designed by Johan Cornelius Krieger under King Frederik IV).

It was quite an overcast day when these outdoor shots of the castle were taken, so some of these pictures appear quite dim. It has been reconstructed as it would have been during Christian IV's reign.

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Fredensborg Palace was built as a hunting seat for King Frederik IV by the architect J. Fredensborg Palace is often the setting for important events in the life of the Royal Family.

It was rebuilt and expanded during the reigns of King Christian VI and of King Frederik V and his Queen, Juliane Marie, by the architects N. Now the Royal Couple use the palace for three months in the spring and three in the autumn.

The Queen receives heads of state from all over the world at Fredensborg during official visits, and here too, ambassadors from foreign countries present their credentials to The Queen.

During state visits, there is a tradition of having the visiting head of state scratch his or her name on a pane of window glass with a diamond. Jardin in the 1760s and has since been adapted frequently to the changing tastes of the times.

In the 1960s, cars were threatening to displace bicycles in the main Danish cities.

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