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Dating hall china
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Early there were ads showing the coffee and tea pots sitting atop stove burners since the pots are craze-proof and said to be fire-proof.Eventually there were warnings inside the Hall coffee pots: Do not put over an open flame!Also do not confuse Squiggle with the famous Swag design found on certain Gold Label Aladdin teapots either. You can still find the old 1920's stamped pots on e Bay.

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Do not confuse Hall teapots in the French style with Hall teapots in the Boston style. Briefly a mild bleach solution may be used to soak Hall China.

French pots are all curve whereas the Boston has an angle to the handle. Hook Cover Gold Label stars decal -- Cadet blue-- The stars decal was designed by Eva Zeisel. From left; Hall Kitchenware Terrace Coffee Pot in aqua with Daisy decal, Windshield in cream Eva Zeisel "Dot" Gold Label, Hook Cover Gold Label (mark includes letters GL) in Cadet blue with star decal, back row includes Rayed Coffee Pot short spout with Autumn Leaf pattern for the Jewel Tea Company and at far right back---Yellow Streamline Jug 1930's 8. The internet is filled with warnings against using any bleach whatsoever on china in general.

Robert Hall founded the Hall China company, in Liverpool, Ohio, in 1903.

Production of Hall teapots began in 1919 and continues today, along with seasonal items, collectibles, kitchenware and serving pieces.

The French shape was commissioned to be made for Lipton Tea Company.

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