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Doberman single coat
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TAIL: The tail is left natural and is ideally carried high in a slight curve. SKIN: The skin fits closely all over and have good pigmentation. It lies tight and smooth and is equally distributed over the whole surface. Color: The Dobermann is bred in two color varieties: black or brown with rust red, clearly defined and clear markings (tan markings). · Head too heavy, too narrow, too short, too long, too much or too little stop; Rams nose, bad slope of the top line of the skull; weak lower jaw; round or slit eyes; light eye; cheeks too heavy; loose flews; eyes too open or too deep set; ear set too high or too low; open mouth angle.

LIMBS FOREQUARTERS: General appearance: The front legs as seen from all sides are almost straight, vertical to the ground and strongly developed. Tan markings are on the muzzle as a spot on the cheeks and the top of the eyebrow; on the throat; two spots on the fore chest; on the metacarpus, metatarsus and feet; on the inner side of the hind thigh; on the forearms and under the tail. N° 143 / 7 SIZE AND WEIGHT: Height at the withers: Males: 68 – 72 cm. · Back not straight; sway back; roach back; insufficient depth or width of chest; tail set too low; sloping croup; too little or too much tuck up.

almond shaped, moderately deep set, with vigorous, energetic expression.

Iris, of uniform color, ranging from medium to darkest brown in black dogs; in reds, blues, and fawns the color of the iris blends with that of the markings, the darkest shade being preferable in every case. Lower incisors upright and touching inside of upper incisors a true scissors bite.

The length of the body measured from the tip of breast to the point of the buttock shall not be more than 5% longer than the height from the withers to the ground in males, and 10% in females.

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