Filson single tin cloth chaps

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Filson single tin cloth chaps
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Rest assured, Down Under Oilskin jackets will keep you warm and dry!

Please note: When new, oilskin may have some light oil surface residue from the manufacturing process. If you wish to speed up the process you can use a hair dryer.

I have a pair of the upland game pants, tin cloth front, regular canvas back. I wear them in the summer to go blackberry picking, and they do get clammy, they don't breathe well but they do turn away blackberry stickers.

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Styled in Australia and imported from around the world.

Similar in look to the Western duster jacket, the Australian Oilskin jacket has been developed over two centuries, from it's humble beginning as the monsoon cape used by the sailors of the great oceans, to the pioneering drovers of today.

there has to be something out there that is abrasion resistant and can keep you warm I have a filson waxed tin jacket and I wish I didn't. in any kind of weather you wind up wet after and hour or so working in it .

I couldn't imagine the tin waxed bibsthey must be so hot and clammy to wear.

Where I am sawing and splitting is loaded with brier's. I looked at the Carhartt double front, but was not impressed. My only concern with the tin pants would be the break in period. They are worth every penny if you need to bust through brush with no bloodletting, I havent got a pair of the tin pants, but the coat is awesome.

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