Harzer-single-power ü40 kontaktanzeigen Hannover

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Harzer-single-power ü40
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The topology selected for this application is the two-phase voltage-mode flyback.

The multiphase flyback offers lower RMS currents in the input and output by effectively increasing the duty cycle. The two-phase voltage-mode flyback offers a significant ripple current reduction in the output capacitor, high efficiency and reasonable cost.

The boost topology also exhibits a large inrush current unless an inrush limiter circuit is included, which adds to the complexity of the design.

Additionally, the boost topology generally requires a dc-dc converter, which in turn requires the power to be switched twice and pushes up the parts count because of the two stages.

Some of these new controllers incorporate both the PFC controller and a dc-dc controller within a single chip, while others offer critical-mode (also called transition-mode) control.

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