How to make .5 ohm single coil

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

How to make .5 ohm single coil
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Stainless steel mesh is primarily used in Genesis style RBAs (which are beyond the scope of this post), but is sometimes used in RDAs and recoiling protank heads.Stainless steel mesh is quite expensive (as much as for a 2″x6″ piece in some places.

Ekowool comes in two varieties, hollow braid, and hollow braid with internal strands.

The hollow braids tend to flatten out, which can make getting good contact with the coil difficult in some configurations (though it is not terribly difficult to achieve).

Currently I am favoring cotton, and will generally recommend it over any other type of wick.

Common wire material used includes: Kanthal wire has become the standard for vaping, due primarily to its cost and high heat tolerance.

I do not recommend working with stainless steel mesh or cable for those new to coils.

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