Senior dating Skanderborg

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Senior dating Skanderborg
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To reach the remains, it’s necessary to dig almost two meters below the water table of the Mossø.

´We are fighting against water seeping in, and we have big pumps running constantly.

Geological analyses will also be performed in an attempt to illuminate why the sacrifice took place precisely here, in the Alken meadows.

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The major goal of the 2012 excavation is to learn more about the mass sacrifice of the warriors.

Archaeologists hope analysing the remains will clarify some of the many mysteries associated with this unique find.

In the words of Aarhus University archaeologist Mads Kähler Holst, ‘Last time we dug here, we didn’t actually reach the perimeter of the finds, so we don’t know the extent of them.

So there’ s no doubt that the dig will result in many more skeletons.

This makes our work difficult – but it also explains why the bones are so well-preserved.

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