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Single community Regensburg
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At the lowest level, the door is framed at the center by richly decorated jambs, at each side of which stands a flat field interspersed with various relief sculptures.The second level is occupied by the tympanum and archivolt at the center and by blind arcades with caryatids at right and left.

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The central sculpture in the lowest zone at left, which is set on a throne and projects significantly from the ground, clearly represents Mary with the Christ child; the former, as the "new Eve," holds an apple, while the latter holds the book of life.

The reliefs at either side show human figures caressing each other, that is, in attitudes of harmony.

A gallery, in which an organ has since been installed, extends over all three aisles in the transept.

The nave is separated from the aisles by cylindrical masonry pillars (not monolithic columns), whose capitals are fine works of high Romanesque sculpture.

There are various indications that the left side, as one faces the portal, is more highly regarded than the right.

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