Single dating Svendborg

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Single dating Svendborg
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Fehrn specialised in the production of amber jewellery.He also started the retail outlets ' House of Amber', now widely represented internationally, especially in China.

Contemporary Danish silversmith, established in 1946 in the town of Svendborg and developed an extensive range of quality products which are found in all jewellery stores in Denmark. One of his most successful creations was “Connections”, with its click and turn clasp mechanism.

From in the 1990s, and with it one of their young designers, Lasse Lærke, who became chief designer for Aagaard.

But Bahner also produced simple, non-figurative designs in the Art Deco style.

Above all, the most instantly identifiable Volmer Bahner designs are his hearts and animal motifs, including fish and butterflies.

His pewter hollowware from that period commands very high prices today.

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