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Single ebensee
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Thereafter bivouacking became a part of the general training schedule, emphasizing medical service and support in the field.

Officers were sent away to attend Service Schools in Chemical Warfare, Tropical Medicine, and Camouflage and upon their return to the organization their training was imparted to the entire unit through lectures and field demonstrations.

Early July 1943 the unit’s strength stood at 18 Officers and 235 Enlisted Men.

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While at the bivouac emphasis was placed on setting up the heavy tents.

During bivouacking the following tentage was in use: dental clinic tent – laboratory tent – surgery tent – medical tents – and a gas casualty tent, which furthermore included a decontamination tent.

All men were duly instructed in the use and proficiency of these weapons on the Fort Ord firing ranges (not standard procedure for medical personnel –ed).

1941 Book with Historical & Pictorial Review of the 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, activated at Fort Ord, Monterey, California.

Training equipment began to arrive and the subsequent Training Program stressed tent pitching (mainly heavy such as ward tents), convoy driving under all conditions, including blackout, close order drill and marches and hikes. The focus was placed on sanitary installations and camp sites were selected with the purpose of obtaining all types of terrain with or without natural camouflage.

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