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Single online 
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Mental-health professionals know that you're much more likely to find a genuinely loving partner if you've known love already.

To those of us in the field who make our living trying to stamp out irrational suffering, the implications are clear.

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I was unceremoniously dumped by my husband of 20 years a few months ago.

Of course I was devastated, extremely depressed, and I still am. I've met some terrific guys, in fact, I've enjoyed every date I've been on so far. I'm in my late 40s (as you might have guessed by how long I was married).

© Stephen Snyder MD York [email protected] am How do you know that "these women chew up and spit out men on a regular basis" if you "don't contact any women, nor (do I) respond to any women that contact (me) and (I) would never go out on an actual date with any of them." If your claim that you have never had any actual contact/interaction with the women on the dating site is true, then upon what basis do you make the claim that they are "f'd up"?

My first reaction to your post was "well they can't be anymore "f'd up" than someone who misrepresents their intentions by posting a dating profile who is A. Has no intention of actually having any interaction.

The real ones tend to disappoint in a gradual fashion, often from the start.

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