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Steyr single cylinder tractor
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While prototype number one proved the concept worked, its use of a half chassis and a small, high revving engine did mean it was regarded as a ‘special’ build.

The aim of the second prototype was to make the concept more akin to a regular tractor.

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Therefore if more power is required, a larger engine will be necessary.

As for using it in other models and machines, this is a possibility and a telehandler would be a logical step, especially one working on an AD plant, says New Holland.

However, gas does have to be treated if it is coming from an AD plant – requiring compression and filtering.

Commercial availability is a while off yet with New Holland required to undergo five years of validation testing.

As for the technology involved, it is nothing new to CNH Industrial, which has been using FPT-developed engines in its Iveco commercial vehicles such as vans, trucks and buses for many years.

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